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Why Gta V Become Most Popular?

You wonder which game is the world’s second selling game. That is gta 5 mobile download and around 120 million copies are published till now and the number is growing day by day. In which the game is having a complex and a great story line. Also gta v is one of the biggest game if look at the storage it needs a lot space in your computer but this is obvious as gta is an online game as well. And the feature of play with friends is revolutionary in GTA series as all other five series do not allow you to play with your friends. And  gta 5 mobile download are available so can more and more people play this game.


Heist is one of the biggest reason that becomes this game as one of the most active online players it is all because the heats missions of gta are best and story lines. Due to the popularity of heists mission gta regularly update the heist mission in gta v.


After the release of gta the most of the biggest YouTubers starts online streaming gta v. This is because it provides huge content to stream due to which it attracts all the gamers worldwide who stream regularly on their channels. And you can also observe that gta v is having a great hold on online gaming streaming platforms.

Regular Updates

Regular updates are very important to all of the gamers because they need a new content and updates. as everyone is easily  feed up while doing the same type of stuff. And if any company needs there game run for a long term then regular update is required.  The updates are the main problem in GTA series and it seems to be good that gta work on it.


GTA V is one of the most advanced games ever and it seems to be way ahead of its time. With many improvements and huge updates. It released almost a year ago and still feels like it is released in this year. This all because of its excellent graphics which gives you a feel of realistic world.

Easy To Play

If you want to play gta then it is so easy and user friendly to play with also gta works on its user guidance. And you can notice that in all of the missions that tutorials is given that how to complete the mission so can everyone get easily recognize that how to play the game.

Different Characters

There is a wide range of character in gta v because the story is not plotted on only one character there are many characters such as Michael and his family, Franklin, Trevor and many other important character are there present. Who increase the missions and make the story line more complex. Which is widely appreciated by many of the players in all around the world. Also the back-story become more unique and true.


The gta is very futuristic game of this time we need to appreciate the online option of gta with this type of heavy game and can be played. And gta 5 mobile download is also a very good approach.