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Boards and Committees




Trustees of Trust Funds

Claudette "Cookie" Hebert

Amber Barcaleau

Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Schedule

Preliminary Historical District Plan

William Trought - Chairman

Robert Green - Vice Chairman

Beth Weick

Sherman Hallock, ex-officio, Select Board

Michael Woodard

Board Of Adjustment

Meeting Minutes

Sherman Hallock - Chairman

Claudette "Cookie" Hebert

David Conkey

Robert Green - Planning Board Rep

Michael Mock - Alternate

Cemetery Trustees

Meeting Minutes

Cristin Green

Elizabeth Trought - Chair

Bethann Weick



Conservation Commission

Mission Statement

Meeting Minutes

2013 Meeting Schedule

Ryan Harvey - Chairman

John Morrissey - Vice Chairman

Maria Weick - Secretary

David Sheffield



Cultural Arts Committee

Meeting Minutes

Bruce Pratt, Jr.

Josh Trought

Regina Rinaldo

Historic District Commission

Meeting Minutes

2015 Meeting Schedule

Sherrie Coleman - Chair

Holly Conkey - Vice Chair

Elizabeth Houghton - Secretary

Steve Bjerklie - Select Board Rep

William Trought - Planning Board Rep

Virginia Carrol

Mascoma Health Initiative

2014 Annual Report

Shawn Russell

Mascoma School Board

Claudette "Cookie" Hebert


Mascoma Budget Committee

Amber Barsaleau

Records Committee

Sherman Hallock - Assessor

Cheryl Legg, Treasurer

Darlene Oaks

Margaret Currier-Lemay, Select Board Designee

Representative UVLS
        Regional Planning

William Trought


Representative Pemi-Baker
        Solid Waste District

Josh Trought


Representative To Lakes
        Region Mutual Fire Aid

Cookie Hebert